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HELP those of you familiar with Western Digital LifeGuard Diagnostics may be able to help me?
The initial menu says FAILED under smart status BUT when i run the Quick Smart test AND the extended tests they PASS with no problem. Also EVEREST says under Smart Status - OK value is normal.
Also to note that - RAW read error rate - threshold is 51, Value is 200 (Lifeguard and Everest) and Worst is 1.
I think this hard drive is OK .....
any one else know more about this???
Is there a problem with Lifeguard or is there another tool (free) that will tell me consistent results?
SEATOOLS says smart status OK too .... only thing strange is that under properties DRIVE temperature says 200 c ...but since i an using Seagate tools for a WD drive this may not be correct?
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    I will tell you that the temperature reading is incorrect, otherwise you computer would be melted.
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