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I've got a gigabyte GA-G31M-S2L board (rev 1.0 i think) and I'm trying to install XP onto a new sata drive. The drive a 320gb western digital and has been formatted as ntfs. It shows up in bios fine and also shows up in an old XP installation I booted on this new board. When I try to install windows it sees this drive as only 130gb and won't install to it. I've tried all the sata pre install drivers i can find, including ones from intel and ones included on the cd with the motherboard, but nothing seems to work. I believe the southbridge chip controlling the sata ports is an ICH7.

Does anyone know what pre install drivers i need to use to get this working or another way?

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  1. I have exactly the same problem! Do you find any solution?
  2. I would guess this is a case of 'broken auto detection'; this is always a possibility with any BIOS setting that polls, or 'queries' the hardware to set itself up during initialization...

    As the ICH7 cannot do either AHCI (only 7R and 7DH), or RAID (7R), no 'pre-install' driver is required. Assuming you've both already done a "Load Optimized" from the BIOS (always a 'required' step in 'bringing up' any GB MOBO...), and also assuming no IDE devices connected, I would try this -

    On the "Integrated Peripherals" page of the BIOS:

    set "On-Chip SATA Mode" to "Enhanced"
    <F10> to save, exit, and reboot...

    Then, remove the existing partition(s) from your errant drive, repartition, and reformat - hopefully, will work right!
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