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Looking for some advice on a computer that I'm trying to fix for a friend. First off, he has an E-machine T2862. The problem with the computer is that it doesn't turn on. What I have done is tried a know working power supply...no luck,
I tried re-setting & install new memory..no go, When I tried hooking up the know good power supply I would get a light on the motherboard, but that was it. no fan movement or anything.

I also, looked at the switch on the computer and it seems to be working. I can hold down the power button and the light on the motherboard will go off which leads me to believe that it is working. I've looked around the web about this issue and it seems that a lot of people are experiencing power issues with this T2862 E-machine.

I was wondering if anybody had any suggestions as what I should try. I opened up the old power supply and it was all burnt inside, so I'm wondering if the motherboard was also fried. Is there a way to test to see if indeed the motherboard is bad.

Any suggestions would be appreciated!!! Thanks.
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  1. piper said:
    First off, he has an E-machine T2862.

    Well there's his problem right there. ;)

    e-Machines...Ahhh...how I loathed them so. When I used to work as a tech, one of the most common repairs we did was replacing crapped out PSU's from eMachines. We even had a stock of replacement PSU's just for the eMachines that would come into the shop.

    If you're 100% sure that the PSU you tried works fine and it still didn't power up, and based on the fact that you opened the old one and it was all burnt inside, as you say, then yeah, most likely the MoBo is out for the count.
  2. Make sure you didn't fry the motherboard. The eMachines are easily disturbed by static, so where an anti-static wrist band. Sometimes changing the bios battery may do the trick, and be sure you wired everything up correctly from the power supply. Sometimes, the power supply wattage does not match the devices and motherboard specs, so make sure you have enough power with the tester power supply.
  3. Well I went through this also. When the power supply goes on this emachine it takes out the motherboard with it and burnes it up. You must replace the motherboard and power supply. Note Power supply must have 20 wires connected to the plug even though thay say 20+4 most do not carry all 20 they carry 18 or 19 wires. this motherboard only supports a full 20 wire plug for some reason.
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