overclocking with asus p5k-e (wifi) and intel e4300

hi guys, this is my first time trying to overclock (in the past i had some cheap boards, but this time i just got a good one) the problem is that i tried one setup done by a guy that i don't remember the forum i got it but here is how it is:

ai overclock: manual
cpu ratio control: manual
dram freq: ddr2-800
cas# 5
ras# 5
ras active: 15
cpu spread sprectrum: disable
pcie spread spectrum: disable
cpu volt: 1.35
dram volt: 1.8
fsb termination volt: 1.20
north bridge volt: 1.4
south bridge volt: 1.05
cie support : disable (this one i cannot even find it just in case lol
intel speedstep: disable

well this was for an pentium core 2 duo (or whatever the name is with 2.0 gigz)
pro problem is that when i tried to overclock it lets say 3.0 and play abit the pc restart
when i try with 2.7 (right now im using it) i can see some mouse lag here and there and got one restart trying to 7zip a dvd....... so my main question is: is this configuration right for my processor and motherboard?

here is my pc specs:

Proc: intel core 2 duo e4300
mobo: asus p5k-e (wifi)
ram: 4 gigs (2x2gigz) cm2x2048-6400c5dhx corsair

hope i can get some info about this and hopefully overclock it till 3.0s

thanks for any help :)
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  1. You need to locate your memory divider and make sure it's set to 1:1 to start. Right now it's likely set to 2:1.

    Then increase the FSB to 333.

    Most likely you are overclocking your RAM well past DDR2-800 speeds and not even knowing it.
  2. thanks for the reply bro, but can u be more clear.... right now i can't not understand about 1:1 or 2:1 anyway im glad about the info :)
  3. In that board when you set the clock of the cpu, the memory speed line will actually list your options. keep it at 800 mhz or slower and it will behave
  4. just reread your post. what cooling are you using, and what other basic components do you have. A mouse jittering issue could be caused by video driver or some issue besides the board, etc. Does it happen at a specific time or all of the time.

    I use this board with q6600, with all options on auto, and just changing the mutliplier and fsb of the processor achieved an overclock to 8x400 @3.2. voltages changed on their own. You may want to try the simpler option and set things back to auto like chipset voltages.
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