After I resize My C: with partition magic 8. The drive space mismatch.

I used partition magic 8 and resized my C: to 94GB, but when i open to my computer and go to properties on c:, there's only 88 gb. In partition magic 8, it shows that i have 1 partition of 90 GB. WTF is going on??? where are my space?
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  1. One program is using 1024Meg as a Gig and the other is using 1000Meg.
  2. well, then how do i fix that? i want windows to recognize the space so i can use the space to install games.
  3. Hi darkmwar,

    It seems that there is something wrong with your disk after resizing with PQ. You may fix this issue with the manufacturer's disk tool.

    Ps, PQ is quite old and have not been upgraded for years, why not use other alternative like free easeus partition master home.

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