Dell Studio with 750GB HDD & 1.5TB HDD - Making 1.5TB Primary HDD?

Relative Newbie Here

I have ordered a new Dell Studio MiniTower Desktop with a 750GB HDD "w/ DataBurst Cache" and then added a "Internal" Barracuda 1.5TB HDD from the "Hot Deals" on their configurator.
Before placing the order I got on Live Chat and asked the rep about the second 1.5TB HDD
1. Would it be installed
-   Answer: yes
2. As it is double the size of the primary HDD spec'd, could the 1.5TB HD be made the primary drive and the 750GB made the secondary
- Answer: Yes
3. Would Dell do this in assembly
- Answer:  yes but I would have to request this with the "Order Modification Department"after the order was placed and confirmed.
4.  Would there be a charge for doing the swap?
- Answer: No charge
I placed the order and when I just got the order confirmation this morning I see the shipping date for the 1.5TB is the day after the shipping date for the PC.  This makes me suspect it is not expected to be installed in assembly. 

I wish I woul;d have founnd this forum before I spec’d and ordered. Right now, after 4 hours on lDell LiVeChat, 4 disconnects including one after an hour wait to transfer to the TEch Support, I’m now waiting for Dell to reply to my email re installing the Barracuda 1.5TB HDD and swapping the HDDs to make it the primary and the 750GB the secondary.

BTW. I spend 7 months through the summers in the Canadin Rockies, at a location so remote there is no ZIp code or cell phone service. Lots of storage for lots of movies and music.



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  1. Why do you need the 1.5TB as primary? I think 2.25 TB is enough no matter what order the drives are in.
  2. I just think it makes sense to have the larget HDD the primary. Yes or no??
  3. BTW I finally got throught to Dell "Order Modification Department" after 5 days of being run in circles and Raul (says he's in El Savador but wished me agood evening at 1pm!) adises me he doesn't have the "Option" to configure the POC a I asked.

    Options are limited to what comes up on his screen, not there - can't be done. Also, if modifications are made, they cancel original orer and rise anew one with a later shipping date!! Automation is just carried too far. "Techs" might as well be replaced by "customer select your own configuations from the available choices."

    Whena sked why a internal HDD otion listed inthe specification configurator would not be installed he had no answer but agreed the sales rep was wrong to say it woul;d and that there should be a not beside the option advising the neophyte consumer this part has to iunstalled after deliver!!

    I guess I get my first kick at pc mods soon!!


    Raul also confirmed the 1.5TB Barracuda will come loose and I can have Dell Tech Support walk me through tooless install and sap to primary
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