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Uh I had a question, I have never overclocked my 8800gts 640mb before and I dont really need to becuase it handles everything application I run really well, but out of curiousity wanted to try and overclock it just once for a couple of mins and see how much more performance I can gain from it using a certain game I have to test it. I was wondering even if I overlclock it just once and then bring back to normal, will it kill the warranty for it??? I was asking becuase there might be somekind of chip in the video card that records events such as overclocking and stuff and incase it frys after I bring it to normal from being overclock and i have to send it to get replaced, evga might see that I overclocked and it will kill warranty?
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  1. I'd suggest READING...evga states you can overclock and they will honor the warranty.
  2. Maby your reading skills need an OC.

    Anyway, just do it, evga won't mind at all.
  3. EVGA has one of the best warranties around. Overclock, go for it. Change the cooler? sure just keep the old one and put it back if you have to rma. Very few companies will offer a better warranty then that.

    The GTS 640 also overclocks well. Just clock the Core and Shaders separately(RivaTuner) other then that you will hit a wall sooner. When you hit a max on the core, back it off a bit to be safe and then start with the shaders, then last the mem. Also note the clocks on that card go in jumps. so 575 may actually be 585.


    You can use ATItool to test the clocks(very few things heat a card like the scan for artifacts button)
  4. Well i actually downloaded an overclocking software straight from evga. I guess it is thier made software for it, however i am new to overclocking and i dont want to burn the card out or ruin it.
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