Finally some good temps!

Well, I've been posting around about getting poor temps with my HDT-S1283. I went ahead and ordered a bolt-thru kit which ended up costing under $10 w/ shipping. This is probably the best $10 I've spent in awhile. My temps are great now! BTW I am running a Q9300. Well I got it today and installed it. The installation was a bit of a hassle still but well worth it. I went ahead and was running it my Q9300 @ 3.0Ghz (400x7.5) and at stock voltage. I ran prime95 Small FFTs for 15 mins and the cores were 53/52/50/52. I would say thats much better. Also these were recorded with Real Temp.
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  1. Did I ever mention that I NEVER use push pins?

    My first move is to cut them off, and use screws and small bolts.

    Oh, wait, yeah, I did say something about that... a few times as I recall...
  2. I know you mentioned it many times, that's why I ordered it.
  3. I wanted to give the local guy some work, so I ordered my CPU/RAM/MB through him. He's a good tech, really. I let him assemble with the stock cooler and check for a post, update BIOS, etc.

    When I got it home I noticed one of the push pins was not all the way in.

    It's just a bad system.
  4. If I overclock, the only things that there are to change are the FSB, the multiplier, and the voltage right? Just those three things? Because for some reason no matter what I do I can't OC any higher than 3.0Ghz. I just change the FSB and leave the multiplier at 7.5. When I try it, my system boots up and right after the motherboard post it shuts off, then it boots back up and automatically sets it back to 2.5Ghz. What is causing this? And also when I OC it changes the RAM from 800Mhz to something higher and I can't change it back to 800Mhz. Like if I try to do 3.5Ghz it changes my RAM to over 1000Mhz. And I can lower it but only to about 900.
  5. Yeahhh... you guys need to make a new thread for stuff like this~!

    Listing the Mobo type, RAM, all the components, because each one acts differently than the last!

    You need to place the memory in linked mode, and then sync mode. That will make the RAM stay at double the front side bus. So you would need a 400 FSB to get 800 Mhz from it, and it will only go up in sync with the FSB.

    And there are LOTS of little things you may need to change in the mother board BIOS.

    I dont know what Moron is spreadint the ol' "Change the FSB, add voltage and there you are!" because while it may work on a few mobos, it will not work on that many of them, heheeh!

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