System unbootable after RAM upgrade


I have an MSI P965 Platinum motherboard, which had 2x1GB 533 DDR2 SDRAM installed

I now have another 2x1GB DDR SDRAM, and I think its the same speed, but with all four chips installed, the system doesn't boot

I can however boot the PC with either of the pairs of 2GB installed, so it recognises all the chips, but won't boot with all four installed, only when they are in their original pairs

Any ideas why this might be?

thanks very much for any help
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  1. Not enough info. List the make & model of the ram. I think it's the vdimm.
  2. You think it's the same speed? Thats probably the problem. You probably have your mobo SPD settings on auto. If the memory modules are different and have different settings, can be a problem, like akhilles said, vdimm for instance.
  3. ^^ agreed. Tell us the exact brand/model and we can look it up.
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