Windows XP SP2B? and SATA Drives?

i only currently own a Windows XP SP1 CD and for the new pc im building it contains SATA drives and harddrives.

whats SP2B? and will this work with my sata drives.
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  1. Quote:
    whats SP2B?...

    I'm pretty sure that SP2B is just Service Pack 2 with a few more updates thrown in. So nothing to worry about there.

    ...and will this work with my sata drives.
    SP2 shouldn't effect your SATA drives at all. You just need to make sure that your motherboard supports them and / or you get any necessary driver updates for them.
  2. my Mobo does support them ( gigabyte PS3 DS3L ) but i do need this cd to get it installed right? it wont work on a sp1 disk right?
  3. Any Windows XP OEM disk will work find with your system. SP2 just means you don't have to download an hour's worth of updates are restart 7 times in between each download. :lol:

    Just turn on your computer and go into the BIOS. Check and make sure it recognizes your SATA drives and your Optical Drives. If it does, then you've nothing to worry about.
  4. alrighty , becuase ive heard that windows xp oem will not recognize sata drives.
  5. windows xp doesn't come with sata drivers, so when you will be installing xp on the sata drives, it will ask you to place a floopy disk with the sata drivers unless of course you slipstream sata drivers into the xp disk. second choise is to install xp on sata disk in ide mode, which i have done so by a mistake.
  6. see i dont wanna go threw that , can i buy XP SP2B and i wont have that problem?
  7. btw im getting DS3L which supports SATAII
  8. i'm not sure if that version has the sata drivers, read through the specs. but if you already have a comp just just nlite to slipstream drivers in. it won't take a long time. and it's definetly worth it, unless of course you have a floppy drive.
  9. the thing is with my current pc i dont have a dvd driver and its very bad so i cant do that. and ive read the my mobo manual and it says i supports SATA II i just dont know if i have to spend the extra $90 on XP SP2B
  10. darn satas
  11. Slip streaming them is VERY EASY and only takes about 20-30 minutes. and while you are at it you can slip in your chipset, audio, etc....
    Makes reinstalling nice and fast.
  12. the mobo can support sata, but it's up to the os that you are installing if it's gonna install. if you say that the sp2b xp has SATA driver INCLUDED, they you don't need use a floppy or slipstream anything. in your case that is the only possibily, since you don't have a dvd burner, or floppy. just make sure that the driver is included.
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