How much of an improvement will I see?

Coming from:

Opteron 165
2GB Pc 3200 ram
Geforce 7800GT


2GB Ballistix Tracer pc6400 Ram
HIS Radeon 3870 Ice3Q

I'm wondering if I should go all the way or just do a video card upgrade. Thoughts?
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  1. Going "all the way" would provide the most noticeable boost in performance for you. If you're on a budget though, you can try just the GPU at first and see whether or not you're happy with the results.

    Either way, you win. :D
  2. I wanted to see what will happen with a new 3870 (already on order) and OC'ing my opty. I'd be lying if I said I did not wanna go all the way with an upgrade though :)
  3. From the chart it looks to me that you will be getting about double the performance alone in just the GPU. That is in a good title of a game too. I would stick with the GPU upgrade and wait on all the rest... that is what I did anyhow. I just upgraded my GPU and bought a used proc, mobo, and memory for $100. But it seems to me that you already have a good system... is that opty a dual core? I'm assuming it is... I dont know much about opty's other than they are super o'cable. I would stick with what you have for now and play hard for a year than do a full upgrade. That is what I am doing anyhow... All or nothing for me... I wont even carry foward my 8800GT to the next build.
  4. I think that is what I will do. I'll just OC the opty as far as it will go and wait. Yes it is a dual core, got it last year. That is the main reason why I hesitate because I just got it a year ago. The 7800gt, however, is showing its age.
  5. If you really want to upgrade get a 3870X2. Those suckers will roar!
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