Danamic LM10 liquid-metal based cooler


Does anyone have information on this cooler? It looks really promising, and I was going to get a Sunbeam Contact Core Heatsink, but this looks far far better... I don't know if I want the Sunbeam anymore, because I'm willing to wait for this one


I also stumbled on this... Is this TIM really as good as the description says it is?
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  1. Wow, I like the look of the thing, this ought to be neat to see how it works when it comes out. Maybe some Uber Nerd managed to find some berserk way to extract heat from metal using some force or another!

    However it's done, they are talking like its good, so I want one!!


  2. that TIM is electrically conductive.....
  3. yeah but if you apply it safely, maybe with scotch tape as a guard, it should work great...and of course, it dissolves aluminum. go figure.
  4. Nice. Pricing is probably going to be $100+. Not too bad if it beats a Water cooled set up and it's probably easier to install then a water set up.
  5. i don't know about you, but if it's the best of the best, and doesn't require the hassle of water, IM TOTALLY gonna get it, especially if they have similar NB/SB and gpu coolers
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