Black screen no post :(

Hi guys (Sorry for my first post being a post asking for help :) )

i hope this is the right place to post :)

I purchased these and recived them on saterday morning;

New motherbaord:

New ram:

New CPU:

New Graphics card:

And a new Psu:
(i know the psu is not the best make but it drives enough power)

Ok so heres the prob i have no post and no post beeps just a blank screen with an active keyboard ive tried everything to get it to work all i get is a blank monitor i have tried diffrent Psu's i have tried diffrent monitors i have tried building the setup out of the PC case on the Motherboard box still a black screen.. So i know the case or the PSU are not at fault Now i am totaly at a dead end no clue what to do what else to check. I don't have other components that fit this mother board to check wich is faulty :( If you guys could please offer me your Adice on what to do next or what to check i would be verry greatefull :)

Thank you

Sorry for the bad spelling:()
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  1. Try one stick of ram in each slot, then try the other stick in each slot. If you have some old DDr2 ram lying around use one of those. You need to bump up the voltage on the ram .2v.

    of course, it could be something else but that would be my guess if everything else is plugged in correctly.
  2. Well you see the motherboard supports ddr2 1066mhz But on there site it says ddr2 1066mhz(oc) so i was wondering if it could be the ram too not runnin at the right voltage/mhz :S :) ill look into it alltho i have no other ddr2 ram laying around :(
  3. "You need to bump up the voltage on the ram .2v."
    He can't see the screen.

    If it was memory it would be beeping like all hell, but it might not be fully seated. Make sure the RAM is pushed in all the way and the tabs on both sides are completely in.

    Reseat all the connectors including Processor and memory. Make sure you have the 20+4 Pin connector plugged in and the either 4 or 8 pin for the Proc. Somewhere on the MotherBoard there should be a Clear CMOS or Reset BIOS button or jumper (look in your manual), reset the BIOS.

    Also, check the manual for the MB for any jumper settings that you might need to set.
  4. If your BIOS is out of date the E8400 won't post.
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