Help with 8800GTS 512 OC?

I am new to overclocking video cards and just need to know some info on it. My first question is: Does it harm your card's lifetime? Is it dangerous to do to it? Is it better to have it constantly overclocked or to just OC it when you need to? Also, I know that I need to have riva tuner. And my card is a MSI NX8800GTS 512. I want to OC but am wondering how much it will harm my card and how to know if it's stable? Thanks
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  1. Yes it can be harmful, and it can reduce the lifetime of the card. However, unless you really get stupid you "probably" won't fry your GPU. As far as lifetime goes, as often as a gamer replaces/upgrades their video card you probably won't have any lifetime problems.

    Think I have the same video card as you. I had OC'd mine when I was running Windows XP 64bit using Riva Tuner. Though I didn't see a huge difference and never OC'd again after I installed Vista. hehe I get good enough performance with most of the games I play that I haven't really messed with OC'ing it.
  2. yea thanks. i dont actually know if i will OC. but maybe just a bit. but there probably wont be much of a difference.
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