Are you kidding me? 8800GT OC 512MB DVD Issues

Original System: DellXPS710 Dual Core 6700, 4GB DDR3 RAM, SBX-Fi, Dual GeForce7900GS 256MB SLI. Everything worked flawlessly. All chipset, BIOS, system and hardware drivers current.

Purchased and installed one new GeForce 8800GT OC 512MB per instructions.
Both DVD-RW drives in my system no longer work.

When I try to watch a DVD on either drive I get the nv4.dll BSOD and have to hard reboot.

Completely uninstalled new drivers and reinstalled drivers that worked with my SLI setup. Still nothing. I have tried every driver for this card, uninstalling and rebooting every time with no luck.

Took new card out, replaced original SLI setup, everything works great.
Reinstalled new card, DVD drives don’t work again.

I can play music CD’s, any media format, I can even copy DVD’s, convert them to any other format and they play fine.

nVidia sends me to BFG for tech support, who in turn gives me the run around.
Does anyone at nVidia have a clue what’s going on with this issue?

I have had other users contact me with the same problem.

One user suggested my power supply wasn’t enough.

Here are the numbers from the power supply label:
Model Dell H750P
Power: 750W

+5V – 16A
+12VA – 18A
+12VC – 18A
+12VB – 18A
+12VD – 18A
-12 - .2A
+3.3V – 30A
+5fp – 3A
Note: +5 & +3.3 150W Max, all other 700W Max

Can anyone here give me some intelligent insight as to how to fix this problem?
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  1. Have you tried installing the card and then going in to the setup and trying to get it to auto detect the drives again ?
  2. What software DVD player are you using? Power DVD didn't work for me with the same card as you. But any other DVD player I tried worked fine. I'd try using a different player and see if any work.
  3. you need to edit your registry most likey - its a simple switch

    does the dvd not show up or not work?

    if it does not show at all then there is an easy reg fix!
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