How to access a PC on a LAN without entering username?


I would like to know how you can get access to a computer on a small home LAN by just clicking the PC's icon in the 'domain browser' of the windows explorer. Normally a small window appears which asks you to enter a username and eventually a password and only after that you have access to the computer. It's very annoying if you want to use a printer on another PC, so I want to get immediate access without that window.

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  1. Enable Simple File Sharing.

  2. Alright, with Simple File Sharing turned on on my PC it pre-enters 'Nils\Guest' in the username section when I try to access my PC from another one. It looks like it wants to get access to the Guest account, but that one is switched off on my PC, so it does not work. If I would be able to let it pre-enter 'Nils\Nils' I think it would work.
    Does someone have an idea how to do that?
  3. You need to recreate the Shares so they have the correct permissions.

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