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After reading the Quad OC guide it states that my processor(q9450) has a 8x333mhz = 2.6ghz and that the memory has to be rated for a higher FSB to slowly push up the FSB. Since my RAM is rated at 1333 and 1333/4(as its dd3) is 333.25 doesn't that mean that I have no room to grow and therefore cannot push my FSB up?

I'm just making sure I am not missing something here and this would mean I am not going to be able to OC at all.

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  1. How that works... your memory's minimum divider is sync mode, which is double the rated FSB speed. (it is double data rate, after all.)

    Since all RAM data passes over the FSB, this is the best divider to have it on. Common sense tells us that it would be quite difficult for, say, 1066 Mhz worth of Data to pass through a 400 FSB. (800 Mhz.)

    So 8 x 400 = 3.2 Ghz. And 800 Mhz RAM.

    8 x 450 = 3.6 Ghz, and 900 Mhz RAM.

    8 X 500 = 4.0 Ghz and 1,000 Mhz RAM, hey, we are getting closer to yours!

    8 x 550 = 4.4 Ghz and 1,100 Mhz, and about that time your processor would explode anyways, lol. (Actually, they can take quite a bit more, under the right circumstances.)

    So anyways, can you run Core Temp, or Real Temp, and then list what either say your VID is? (EIST may fool the New Core Temp, so disable it in the bios, Along with C1E and speedstep!)

    Hopefully that is how it works with DDR3, wouldn't that blow if it could force only a higher divider?

    VID = good indication of your processors OC ability, and voltage needs.

  2. I ran core temp and it says that it is a revision C and has a VID of 1.2500v
  3. Hehehe, yeah, everyone gets high VIDs. The range is 1.1000 to 1.2500, the higher being worse for over clocking, because it starts at the highest voltage to begin with.

    That just means that you wont get a high level over clock without some voltage!

    Also, you may wanna add a list of your equipment if you plan on seeking over clocking help as well!

  4. Bam - got a forum sig now with my info in it.

    The exact ram I own is TWIN3X2048-1333C9DHX on the corsair website, with timings of 9-9-9-24.

    After reading your explanation of ram calculations this is what I get:

    8 x 333.25 (my max multiplier and freq.) = 2.666 Ghz (what currently run at)
    333.25 * 4 (because my RAM is DDR3, not DDR2 and therefore we multiply by 4 instead of 2) = 1333 (current FSB)

    So unless I'm not understanding something, I'm already running my peak FSB speed and therefore cannot push my clockrate any higher. Is this correct?

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  5. hehehe, looks like you are good to go!

  6. Wow, nice change!

    Uhh, as far as I know, that may be what it is currently running at, but you can change it down to sync mode, which is double the FSB as far as RAM speed goes.

    It has been proven again and again that having a divider that takes the memory over the FSB speed, that it doesnt do much for performance. While raising the FSB and lowering the RAM speed does!

    That is simple, because the RAM data has to pass through the FSB to get anywhere. So take what you are using now. 333 FSB. Thats 667 Mhz DDR natural speed. To equal your current RAMs speed, it would need 666 Mhz of FSB bandwidth to let 1333 Mhz worth of data through it.

  7. The disconnect we are having (I think) is that you keep using a 2x multiplier as if my RAM is ddr2, and it is ddr3(4x multiplier). At least this is what is confusing me.

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  8. Uhh... Multiplier??

    You mean memory ratio? They vary greatly, and are not limited to 4 times anything. As a matter of fact, they tend to be berserk ratios, like 2:3, 6:10, hehe!

    A Memory ratio can be set at alot of things. You just happen to want Sync Mode. That should sync it up with the FSB.

    And unless your Double Data Rate 3 memory happens to be quad data rate, then you are mistaken with another ratio. And not the memory divider, like you should mean.

  9. Sent you a PM, thanks for all the help so far.

  10. i found a guide for ddr3 here on toms and that decided which ram i bought. most of the ddr3 they had to showcase came up w\ low spd values except for a couple of them, ocz platinum 1333 being the one i bought.

    Some of the other ddr3 ram had low and funky spd's showing up and i didn't want to get stuck w\ that or pay twice as much for ddr3 1600 or 2000.

    I currently have my 9450 @ 3.5 and ram @ around 750mhz
  11. So does that mean you are running with a bus speed of 437.5ish with a ratio of 6/7?

    My RAM is also rated at 1333 max and while reading the guide I was confused with this line:
    "The number after it is the data transfer rate. Simply divide it by 4 to get the maximum FSB speed for which the module is rated. Example: 1600/4 = 400 MHz. Therefore, DDR3-1600 can work on systems with a FSB of up to 400 MHz (anything more and you’re lucky). "

    Since 1333/4= 333.25 and I'm running at 333 bus speed currently I am scared to turn up the bus speed any higher.

    Is this x/4=highest bus speed rule not true?
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