Rivatuner + 8800GT+Vista = TROUBLE

hey guys:

I decided to overclock my 8800GT for some bench testing.
One problem though, I downloaded and installed Rivatuner 2.06, but it will not give me results for my clocks nor will it let me overclock my card.

Also when I opened the monitor it said my clocks were:
810- Shader
399.6- Core
499.5- Memory
Which I know are totally off.

If anyone has a clue to whats going on or had a similar problem, help would be greatly appreciated?
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  1. Edit: Added a picture with the problem
  2. You have check the box that says enable driver-level hardware overclocking
    Read this


    I have a 8800GT, Rivatuner 2.06 and Vista, works fine.
  3. When I went into driver settings and hit enable overclocking> detect now nothing happened. It wont recognize the command.

    I also cannot overclock or see my clocks in nTune. The sliders will not move and the readout for the clocks come up as 0

    This is what nTune gives me. No my settings are not like that. FSB is at 310
  4. You read that whole article and comprehend it already?
    Anyway, help site:
  5. nTune or RivaTuner are we talking about?
    2 different things
  6. mainly its the GPU in general something is up. added another pic^^
  7. Try this:

    The part under "power user".

    EDIT: It's toward the end.
  8. nada.....it went through but still have the same numbers
  9. I'm not sure about this, but try this:

    EDIT: Although it's meant for the GTS...
  10. I had the same exact problem that developed a couple weeks ago. Prior to that, my 8800GT had been overclocked and stable for at least a couple months. Then all of the sudden nothing was reporting my clock speeds. I uninstalled RivaTuner, upgraded drivers, rolled back the drivers, installed nTune, and tried everything I could think of, but couldn't fix the problem. The GPU Clock area of GPU-Z was completely blank. I think RivaTuner just reports the lowest possible settings or something because it can't actually see your real clocks. My games seemed to have been running fine...

    This also coincided with me replacing my old 17" CRT with a brand new 19" LCD, added a printer, and installed Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare. I also connected my TV to the graphics card through the s-video port. None or those make any sense as a cause, though. In the end, I decided to just say screw it and reformat (I was getting an occasional blue screen on start up that was annoying me anyway). That ended up fixing everything.

    So, all in all, my recommendation is to either reformat or roll back to a version that was working. Sorry I couldn't be of more help.
  11. Rivatuner wouldn't allow me to change any settings when i first tried it, new Nvidia drivers solved it...

    Yeah im a n00b.
  12. I have a problem, when I installed rivatuner it appeared a message of windows saying its not supported , something a bout a ".sys" file missing, and in the rivatuner menu it doesnt recognize mi VGA and I cant do anything because all is disabled
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