Help, got this after oc

hi, i attempted to oc my Q9450 which is on a rampage formula mobo, i changed the FSB to 425, ram to 850, timings at 5-5-5-15, i changed the cpu voltage to 1.3something, nb to 1.3something and i left everything else on auto, i then when to boot windows, got the vista loading screen and then a black screen quickly followed by a blue saying about a problem but went to quick for me to read it, so i changed everything back to auto and started windows and got a report, it contained this:

Additional information about the problem:
BCCode: 1000007e
BCP2: FFFFF80001CB7E82
BCP3: FFFFFA6003B17528
BCP4: FFFFFA6003B16F00
OS Version: 6_0_6001
Service Pack: 1_0
Product: 256_1

Files that help describe the problem:

does anyone know what went wrong, did i do something stupidly wrong, any tips on my oc :)
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  1. Just a processor error or some other error due to you not having it set right.

    You might wanna list your full setup, then make sure you have a new Bios, then run Core Temp, or Real temp and look for the VID of your processor, so you will know what it's starting voltage is, and have a good idea at what it will need when over clocked that high.

    You will also have to either enable Load Line calibration, or check your VDrop and droop to see how low your core voltage dips when using something that requires a good level of processor power.

    If you can post Bios screen shots, that would be a excellent thing to do!

  2. ok my full setup is q9450 (zalman 9700 nt hsf), rampage formula, 4gb corsair xms2, 500gb samsung hdd, what do u mean make sure i have a new bios? the vid on the processor on realtemp is 1.2500 and on cpu z 1.224v, not sure what u meant by vdrop but i ran prime95 and vid in cpu z dropped to 1.192v. i will post some bios screens tomorrow. thanks for the help : )
  3. can anyone tell me what happened? i try to overclock to 3.4 with these settings: FSB 425, Dram 850 timings 5-5-5-18, cpu vol 1.25, nb vol 1.45 and everything else on auto. i saved and exit, wijndows vista loading displayed then screen went black with just the mouse pointer nothing else, i left it for 2mins and nothing. i then rebooted and set everything back down to normal (auto) but it did the same thing vista loading screen then just black screen with mouse pointer. so i clear cmos but that didnt help either, in the end i had to install vista again. can you tell me what happened, i'm scared to try oc'ing again now incase it happens again lol any advice is appreciated
    thanks : )
  4. anyone, i really wanna know where i went wrong
  5. Uhhh, if your VID is 1.2500, what makes you think you can get to 3.2 Ghz on it? It needs that for stock speed when vdrop and droop are enabled.

    As far as re loading vista goes, if you bomb out while booting just right, it can damage that bootable file, and without it, no boot!

    You went wrong by changing only 4 things, hehehe!

    Post some Bios shots. There are tons of settings in there that can cause all sorts of trouble. And you will have to change more than 4 things, hehehe!

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