4x1gb or 2x2gb need opinions or facts

I am getting a P5k Deluxe MOBO. I would really like to run 8gigs of ram with the way price are right now but of course win xp can only use 4gb. So here is the question. With DDR2 (i am guessing 800 or maybe 1066, not sure yet) am i going to get better performance with using 1gb x 4 sticks or 2gb x 2 sticks. It will be dual channel sets and I plan on overclocking. Also if you have any preferences to timings or brands or lantencies to match with this MOBO it would be greatly appreciated.
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  1. I would use 2 x 2gb sticks rather than the 4 x 1 combo. With only two sticks, you can run 1T memory timings, making things a little faster. In addition, it gives you the option of upgrading to 8gb should you decide to upgrade to Vista in the future.

    I recommend Corsair XMS2 or Crucial Ballistix ram however the latter is more expensive.
  2. 2 x 2 GB has a cleaner upgrade path than 4 x 1 and the price differential is not that great.
  3. On a side note, 4 1 gig sticks is going to have a heavier draw on your system, youll probably have to kick the voltage up to be stable. Also check your product manufacturers ram compliance sheet, those mobos are a little picky on ram. Edit little and add alot.
  4. awesome, thanks for the replies. Definitely makes sense now. The angle I was looking from i didn't know if I had only 2 x 2gb if the data stream would "run into rush hour traffic" if you catch the comparison. I was thinking of it like have the same number of vehicles on 4 roads rather than 2.
  5. Depends.....very often you will find different CAS levels obtainable. For example CAS 3 easy to find in 4 x 1 GB but CAS 4 may be best ya can do with 2 x 2 GB. 2 X 2GB sometimes has a price premium but with rebates I have seen (earlier today) where a 2 x 2 GB option at same CAS 4 was actually cheaper.

    Some Mobos have issues with 4 sticks where they won't oc as well with 3rd and 4th modules in there.
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