Help me finalize my budget build.

Hello everyone, great forum. Trying for a budget build to play some games and upgrade my old labtop. Please let me know if you see any problems or can save me some $$$. Going with an AMD set up.

Case: CoolerMaster Centurion ~$34 (after MIR)


CPU: AMD X2 4400+ ~ $75

RAM: A-Data (2GBx1) ~ $28 (after MIR)

GPU: Apollo HD3850 512MB ~ $159 (afer MIR)
-Cheap, no reviews but worth a try.

PSU: Anter Earthwatt 500 W ~ $59 (after MIR)

DVD: Lite On 20x DVD/RW-Retail ~ $33

HD: 160 GB 7200 RPM 3.0G/s ~ $50

OS: Windows Vista 64- bit Home Premium ~ $111

Monitor: CHIMIE 22" LCD Wide DVI ~$209 (after MIR)


-Feel like this is a pretty good budget build. Open to suggestions to shave a few $$$.
-Chose Vista so I wont have to upgrade later on. Premium or Home Basic?
-Should I get another 2GB? for that price I think I should.
-Any cheaper PSU suggestions?
-How bout the MOBO? seemed good price and has everything I need for the most part. And it is Phenom ready.

Thanks for any comments/suggestions....
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  1. Forgot to add, can save $40-50 going with 19". Not a hardcore gamer, any opinions on the sizes? (anything will be bigger than my 15" notebook lol)
  2. I would recommend getting the Biostar 560 Chipset AM2's they're really cheap and overclock really well.

    I would recommend trimming some fat off of the processor part, maybe get a 4000+ Brisbane instead and overclock it since there is basically no difference.

    I would say try your hardest to get a 3870 or a 3850 512MB.
  3. Yup, get the old TF560 A+ which is AM2+ upgradable (bios flash). I'm gonna get the new TF770 & wait for B3.

    I think you've achieved perfection with this budget build.
  4. Thanks for the replies. What you think about the monitor? 19" vs 22". The savings could get me some more RAM or maybe persuade me to the 5000+BE
  5. I would go with 19" with HD3850. If it were HD3870, I would go with 22". Unless you don't mind lowering video settings in games.
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