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Hello, I have a PC with standby issues. When clicking 'standby' on the shut down window the computer appears to go into what I assume is S1 sleep mode as the fans continue to run. It will not resume from this either by mouse or keyboard (ps2) even though they are both configured to do so.
The only way out is to shut the pc off by pressing and holding the power button, which seems to work, or so I thought until I recently discovered that it doesn't shut it off. It actually sends it to what I assume is S3, standby, because it will then wake by pressing a k/b key.
So there's the puzzle. How do I correct it to work properly from the standby button.
The system is XP pro, new install, on a Asrock P4VM800 board. The pc was in a college so the BIOS may have been configured to their needs, but I can't find anything unusual.
Heeeeeelp! :)
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  1. I'm quite certain that there has been a standby bug in XP which has never been corrected. Turning on standby, monitor automatic shut off, and hibernation, will cause problems when you try to wake the computer.
    click my computer
    click control panel
    click display
    click screen saver
    click the power bar
    set turn off monitor to never
    set turn off hard drive to never
    set system standby to never
    click apply
    click OK
  2. Thanks soundguruman, all you suggest is already configured, but thanks for trying.
  3. I think what I was trying to say is that you should not use standby mode. It causes problems, and there has never been a fix for it.
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