Does W.D lost her power or that I have a problem with my PC?

Hi all,
2 Months ago my Western Digital (IDE ATA 250Gb) has been broke because of bad sectors.

I replaced the broken hard drive via the importer itself (Midicom).

2 Weeks ago my PC return to show errors & alarms: The PC got stuck, blue screens in the OS & such on...

So I was thinking maybe the problem is because of my Memory (I had 764Mb of RAM) so I decided to remove the old Ram (Because it was 333 Mhz) & I bought a new piece (1024Mb, 400Mhz) & I installed Windows Vista (The PC was running just OK) but the errors & alarms still occurred.

After I tested my system more deeply I saw that My Hard drive AGAIN contain bad sectors in it.

I don't have problems going again to the importer & replacing my hard drive but now I have some questions that I don't have answers for them yet.

Is there any possibility that the greatest company: Western Digital has lost her power?, maybe it's only with the old IDE ATA devices?? or maybe some other device on my PC affecting my hard drive & breaks it?? (If it's possible at all?!?)

I hope that you would be able to help me.
I really appreciate your help.

Thank you in advantage.

P.S I'm planning to buy another PC in March or April, but I will still MUST HAVE this PC running & kicking.


Yoni D.
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  1. Goto and get a copy of SpinRite 6.0 and run it in mode #5 on your OLD drive befor you transfer files to the NEW drive.

    Run SpinRite 2 times a year on all your HD's after that to avoid corrupted data and "bad sectors".
  2. everyone else loves to blame the power supply, why not start there?

    But badsectors? That's practically unheard of in new drives.
    Unless you are very unlucky.

    I'd blame cheap data cables. Or controller undervolt.
  3. Run Memtest86 to be sure memory is OK.

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