Overclocking help with Bios settings check.

My first post so Hi to All & Thanks for any help offered.

I put this system together from 2nd hand parts last week & need some experienced eyes to look over my settings as although the system runs 3D 06 perfectly it locks up whenever I run memtest. With the settings below the system runs memtest Perfectly using some Corsair that I have but no matter what I try I cannot get it to complete memtest using my Crucial. The Crucial is RMA got back Saturday after the last set failed memtest, Is it me or the ram ?
I have upped the Volts by 0.40 with the Crucial taking it to 2.21v to try to help but still it locks up within 5 seconds of starting memtest.
Being honest building this system has pushed me but I have had my head stuck in & out of the Bios so much recently that I think I am missing something obvious.
Any help/advice would be Greatly appreciated, thanks for reading.

Xeon 3210 2.13GHz with AC Freezer 64 running @ 2.66GHz @ Below 60c under load
Gigabyte-P35-DQ6 Mobo. F7 Bios.
2 Gig of Crucial Ballistix DDR2 PC2-8500 CL5 EPP.
2 x X1950 Pro's in Crossfire. 8.6 Cats & CCC.
Antec Trublue 480w PSU.

RGB - Auto.
CPU Clock ratio - x8.
CPU Frequency - 2.66GHz (333x8).
CPU Host clock control - Enabled.
CPU host Frequency - 333.
PCI Frequency - 100.
CIA2 - Disabled.
Performance enhanced - Standard.
System Memory Multiplier(SPD) - 2.00.
Memory Frequency MHz 800 - 667.
DRam selectable Timing - Auto.

System Voltage Control - Manual.
DDR2 overvoltage - +0.40 bringing it to 2.21v.
PCI-E - normal.
FSB - Normal.
(G)mch - Normal.
Loadline Calibration - Auto
CPU Voltage control - 1.32500v

Please feel free to ask any questions you feel relevent to help me out.
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  1. First I would just try a bit of NB voltage, so try 1.30 at 333 FSB, just to see if it has an effect, and if it still happens, move on to a new FSB. Try 335, just in case it is a small hole, or a seamless strap mistake.

    Most new boards think they are cool, shipping without a FSB to NB strap selector. However, that just means that if it is the board calculating the memories junk wrong, you won't know it, other than tests fail. Especially the blend test!

    The seamless strap selection errors usually make Blend fail one right after another core until they all fail very fast, less than 10 seconds. And that causes other stability issues, even though things will "work" mostly, hehe!

    You can always try and disable any transaction booster, static read control, etc. as they effect ram sub timings.

  2. Cheers Lupiron I'll give your suggestions a try. I have a 600w PSU on it's way to me as well to eliminate that from the issue. A seasonic S12 600, A pretty solid PSU from what I've read.
    Thanks for your help.
  3. Can you run Core Temp, and list what it says your VID is?


    It's prolly not the PSU!

  4. Sure & Thanks again for Helping out.

    Just downloaded core temp & Vid is sitting at 1.3250.

    PSU is 2nd hand & on it's way anyway & at least it will elimate that possibility. I'm not happy that I have the wrong connectors & need the 2 PCI-E connectors for my cards anyway.
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