I need a router with a *configurable* 10Mbps Full Duplex WAN port!

This has been driving me...well, you know.

I have a bunch of T1s bonded together by a Hatteras unit that requires I have a router behind it with a WAN port that may be configured manually to use specifically 10Mbps Full Duplex. Not 100, Not auto-negotiating, it MUST be manually configured to this. How's that for a picky piece of hardware?!

I have tried several routers from NetGear, D-Link and Linksys, no dice; all are auto-negotiating. Research so far for this something specific has proved fruitless. I need some help with ideas if at all possible! I have a Cisco 1841 but the ISP recommended it not be used...plus I need someone to configure it as I am not a CCNA, heh.

TIA for any ideas/input!
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  1. Set up Linux/BSD as a router. If it is NAT, it is easy to go bundled packet filters. If you need full-blown router, try Quagga Routing suite for Linux or OpenBGP for BSD.

    Read "man ifconfig" and you'll see you can do this with 'media type' option.
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