A CPU benchmark I wrote

This benchmark is based on an older benchmark I wrote and posted here quite a while ago. I have updated it to be a little more accurate and easier to see/compare results. It tests your CPU, and compares your results to that of my older computer (Athlon 64 3700+, that I put down to 2.0ghz to just have a "solid" number to compare to.)

This is the result of my new comp running the test.


My Specs (at least the ones that matter to this test)

Core 2 Duo E6550 @ 3010 Mhz
2gb G.Skill DDR2 800 @ 860 Mhz (5-5-5-15)

You can download it at my website, it is the bottom link on the left side, called "JayBench 2.0"


Note: It is only single threaded, so multiple cores will not benefit the test, but as far as single threaded performance, I think it is fairly accurate.

I would appreciate (if you like) if some people would post their results so we can compare and I can see how accurate my benchmark is.
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  1. How does it measure the CPU speed? How are the different tasks weighted?

    I downloaded the file, checked it with antivir, and ran it on XP box i was going to format. The Pentium D 820 scored a whopping 77%.
  2. There are 2 tests (the same 2 in my older benchmark, just slightly more optimized) and their results are averaged together, and then compared to the score average of the standard. From that it gives you a percentage comparison and draws a pretty graph for you to see :)
  3. with a few programs running in the background (10% cpu usage and 500MB of ram being used) I scored 75% system specs are in my sig.
  4. Mind giving up the source code? (under GPL, GNU)
  5. ok i got 189% and now you have invaded my regirstry? i hope not!1111
  6. what does my 189% score tell me ?
    its a 2.66 chip running 3.4ghz so its not oc %

    also i ran it 6 time and reloaded it - i got 186-189 if that helps you!
    good luck and explain what this does plz
  7. ^^ It means yours is 89% better than a Athlon 3700+ running at 2GHz. Although a E6550 @3GHz was only 9% lower than yours.

    Weird to me.
  8. I downloaded it. Ran it and my Intel Duo E6850 3.0 overclocked to 4.05ghz scored 226% better.
  9. Here is mine

    E8400 @ 4050

    Ram @ 900 5-5-5-14
  10. well well
    262 for the e8400 and 226 for the e6850 (by the way nice oc on that cpu) both at 4.05ghz

    so there is more too it then just speed?

    well well is there somthing too this test?
  11. Mine was 252 (kind of hard to read), but that is still quite a difference for same speed cpu.
  12. well in just playing around, i find that it appears to scale accurately.

    i bumped my clock up to 3.5 and got a 207%


    the clock increase being 16% over 3.0 and gaining 15% in performance. anyone else tried this?

    on another note, the new c2d's (e8400 as we saw) does appear to have some nice improvements even at the same clock speed :)
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