Q6600+Thermalright Ultra-120 Overheating

For some reason my computer seems to be overheating. CoreTemp reports ~35-40C for cores IDLE. I'm not even overclocking and its pretty high for IDLE @ stock speed (2.4ghz). Is it normal to idle at these temps with b3 stepping?

CPU: Q6600 B3 Stepping + Arctic Silver 5
HSF: Thermalright Ultra-120 + Scythe S-FLEX 120mm
Mobo: Gigabyte DS3R
Case: Antec p180b

I just applied new silver recently thinking it was the paste's problem, but have gotten no results from it yet. CPU fan is spinning at ~1460RPM. Any ideas?

(I haven't tried lapping the heatsink/cpu yet, the heatsink was pretty flat to begin with)
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  1. whats your ambient temp? b3 stepping is said to be hotter than the g0 stepping... and fyi 35-40C idle doesnt seem bad at all really, whats it on load? i kno my core2deo e4500 is hitting 50C on load...its liek 95F outside, and my computer gets hot as it is

    and r u sure you applied the silver correctly?
  2. Check the airflow in your case, remove the side panel, wait a while and check the temps again. If it stays the same check that the voltage in the bios isn't set to auto or similar. Download core temp ( www.alcpu.com/coretemp ) and check the VID. Set the cpu voltage in the bios to that. B3 did run pretty hot though.
    Check the instalation manual for the ultra again to see if you did everything right and did not apply the paste too thick/thin. Good luck
  3. its about 20C room temp right now

    @ load it goes to ~50-60C

    i applied the silver according to the arctic silver guide. cleaning the HS/CPU with isopropyl alcohol with a coffee filter.
  4. does anyone else have a b3, that can help compare temps with me ;o
  5. also, after running prime95 for some time, I got a fatal error on my 2nd core saying "FATAL ERROR: Rounding was 0.5, expected less than 0.4"
  6. B3's do run hot

    Like said above, do a prime test to load test it.

    Is your room hot? Because my setup (B3 Tuniq Tower@ 2.7) idles around 45c in core temp, sometimes a degree or two more when my room is warm ( 80+ degrees F)

    However my load temps on prime usually will only jump 8 to 12c, small fft.

    I wouldn't worry unless your load temps are high.

    I also believe all this comparing of temperatures is pointless because in just about every case the test set up will be different. Higher, lower ambient temperatures, different cases, different computer builder, different thermal paste, with everone having a different way to apply it, and different fans, not to mention, not all pieces of silicon are created equal, will give you a differnt outcome than the next guy.

    Phew sorry about the run on sentence...

    AS long as you stay at or below 60c I wouldn't worry about it.
  7. removing the side panel drops the load temps to ~45-50C
  8. disregard some of the stuff I said you were repling at the same time as me.
  9. any ideas as to why prime95 is giving me an error?
  10. what do you have for ram in th machine?
  11. 2gb ocz platinum ddr2 800
  12. Ok, First, your case airflow needs some work, you dropped 10c just from opening the case, thats alot.

    Have you setup the ram to themanufacturers's settings? Timings and voltage.

    If you have, try running 1 stick at a time to rule out faulty hardware. I would leave the multiplyer on auto for now and just set the ram timings and voltage. On Gigabyte boards you need to set a value of +1 for 1.9 ram and +2 for 2.0 ram and so on.

    Give it a shot, good luck
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