prime95 gets error right when torture test starts

what do i do to fix it?

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  1. Give a complete list of your hardware and then someone can help you.
  2. q6600 g0
    ga x-48 ds4 motherboard
    corsair ddr2 800 ram
    visiontek 4870
    750 w corsair psu
    xigmatek rifle hdt-s1283

    need anything else?
  3. lol at the orginal post...just lol
  4. Ummm more info maybe ... like what error? What else are you running? Is anything OCed? What are your temps? You gotta give more info then prime95 error.
  5. Fatal Error: rounding was 0.5, expected less than 0.4

    q6600 oced to 3.0
  6. eklipz330 said:
    lol at the orginal post...just lol

  7. That error means your overclock or memory is not stable.

    Make sure your overclock is not pushing the memory over its limits(most time memory over blue screens). Check in the bios under MIT to see the memory speed or use CPU-Z

    Notch up the cpu voltage a small bit, Try 1.250 and do not go over 1.4(1.5 with good cooling)if you want it to last long. Many user go farther, but IMO thats the safe limmits for me.

    Once you get stable try dropping the voltage one notch at a time until the system can run prime for at least 12 hours(24 recommended).

    Download CPU-Z. Do not worry if you see a slower speed and a multi of 6. That is part of intel's power saving options.
  8. tyvm nuke and skywalker, i fixed the problem :)

    nty to other people like eklipz330
  9. So what was your solution?
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