Help Overclocking IP35-E with E2160

Here are my components:
IP35-E motherboard
E2160 with stock cpu fan
2x1gb corsair extreme xms2 DDR2 RAM
atx 450W power supply (generic power supply I guess)
x800 xt video card

All I can get out of this cheap configuration is 2.05 GHz. When I try to change the FSB too high or the vcore voltage, the system won't boot up. It either gives me a blank screen (no video output) or it just beeps continuously. I would like to atleast get 2.7 Ghz out of this.

Any suggestions? Is my power supply the culprit? Is 2.7 Ghz even capable? Thanks for your help!
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  1. Make sure you RAM is set to a 1:1 ration.
    Did you increase your RAM voltage?
  2. zenmaster said:
    Make sure you RAM is set to a 1:1 ration.
    Did you increase your RAM voltage?

    Thanks zenmaster! I changed my RAM voltage from AUTO to 1.9V (what it says on the memory) and changed the DRAM speed to 1:1. I upped Vcore voltage to 1.38 as well. I can now at 2.2 Ghz. Didn't want to push it at this point because I was afraid the generic power supply I have will ruin my hardware.

    What do you think? Can I push it or should I be careful with a generic ATX 450 watt power supply?

    According to speedfan,
    system 39C
    CPU 37C
    AUX 47C
    HD0 41C
    Temp1 42C
    Core 0 35C
    Core 1 35C

    Is this relatively stable? Haven't observed any problems yet.
  3. Get rid of the power supply as fast as possible is my advice. Generic units tend not to have any sort of over-voltage protection and can take out your motherboard or other components when they die.

    If you want to test stability, run Orthos on it for 24 hours, if it makes it without crashing then the overclock is stable.
  4. Also post what your temps are while runnign orthos. It might start getting to hot with that stock heatsink on it
  5. Yeah get rid of the psu and get an Antec earthwatts EA380 its very energy efficient & stable for overclocking.
  6. Thanks guys!

    I running on spec right now because of your advice. Don't want to ruin my system before really OC'ing it.

    I'll look to get a new power supply soon. So do you think i can get 3.0 GHz with a stock fan? Is there anything else I should be worried about?
  7. Got my 2160 up to 2.9ghz, should be no problem to get to 2.7ghz, just see how far you can increase the fsb without any voltage increase. you will be unlikely to damage anything then...
    Only going to push mine further when I get my new GPU and install crysis...
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