USB 2.0 question

not sure where on the forums to post this so i figured here is good =)


i just built my new computer, asus p5q-e, e8500, 4gig ddr2-800, gtx 260 core 216

a best imo

anyhow, i installed the latest chipset drivers, updated bios, updated vista 64bit with windows update . everything updated

and i'm not sure if my usb drives are 2.0 or not.

i have 4 on the front of my case, Cooler Master HAF 932, and the mobo has 6 on it in the back

here is a screen shot of device manager

basically i'm just trying to find out if all my usb drives are operating at 2.0 ? or not
in bios i have Hi-Speed enabled for USB since its the highest option , says 480mb/s
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  1. i have the same case and i dont think the front slots are, the performance of the back ones is much better.
  2. see i dont understand that though

    the front ones are connected directly to the mobo, via the 2 usb slots on it, it 'should' be 2.0

    mobo manual says everything is 2.0

    it might vary well be i just dont really have any way of telling
  3. Your case should have USB 2.0 ports, but it's easy to test them. Some USB keys have a LED that tells you how fast the connection is, e.g., green for 1.0, amber for 2.0. If you look at the properties of a device, it should also indicate if it's 2.0. Another way is to copy a large file and see how long it takes (assuming that you have a fast USB key and not a slow one).
  4. According to your screenshot you have 2 usb 2.0 controllers and 6 usb 1.0 controllers so I'd say you have 4 usb 2.0 ports on your puter.
  5. is it possible to make all the usb slots 2.0 ?

    i have a brand new comp, new mobo , new case. i dont see why some wouldnt be 2.0
    i figuered now adays i would be standard
  6. I just looked at the picture and it matches what I see on my computer. All my USB ports are 2.0, therefore I would assume that yours are 2.0 as well. If unsure, it's really easy to test them.
  7. Ckeck your bios. On my comp I have the option of setting the speed of the ports.
  8. I would think that they should be. It's been a long time since I have found too many not putting in 2.0 ports.

    I do have a keyboard that has some 1.1 ports, but if you put in a high speed device (USB 2.0 flash drive or something), it usually warns you that it is not connected to a high speed connection, etc.
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