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I'm going to run a duel monitor setup in my office. So I'm thinking either a HD2400pro or gf8400gs. I still use a old agp system at home and the ATI drivers haven't been so good on the AGP part so I wonder how good the pci-e drivers for both the cards are? Which one has the best stability and best features on dual monitor setups?
I don't want any expensive suggestons so lets stay at the low end market.

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  1. aww c'mon not even one reply!?
  2. I'm pretty sure either of them will get the job done. Doesn't sound like your going to be running anything special since you haven't specified what type of applications your going to be using so I hope its safe to assume.

    As far as drivers are concerned as long your removing them properly and updating them as they are available you should be fine. I've owned ATI and Nvidia cards on both AGP and PCIe and they've both had there share of driver issues at one point but with time they usually get better.

    Also both cards have been out long enough that drivers should be pretty solid so try not to use the drivers that come in the box and download them right off of the website.
  3. I don't use any graphically heavy apps. I do programming and use some photoshop. I just wonder if either card gave me any advantage over the other? And what about the HD3450?... All of them will probably be at the same price.
  4. The ATI cards are generally better at HD video and cheaper. The nVidia cards are generally better gaming cards. Currently running a HD2600 XT with the latest ATI driver (from website) and am quite pleased with it. Hope that helps. :??:
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