usb unknown device detected but nothing connected

ok so this seems to be a little different than most unknown device problems
all of my devices work fine

i keep getting pop ups in the task bar telling me new hardware has been found
then it pops up unknown USB device not recognized
sure enough when i go into my device manager there is an unknown device attached to the usb controller
now it seems to come and go and if i watch the device manager for a couple minutes you can see it connecting then disappearing 4, 5, 6 times in a row

it first started doing this when i had a couple usb devices plugged in (external hd, mouse, printer)
since then i have gone as far as doing a fresh XP install and not connecting any usb devices at all
but sure enough after a short while new hardware pop up and followed by unknown usb device not recognized
i check device manager and there it is
it also seems to be sitting in the registry at vid_0000&pid_0000
i can delete the registry and i can uninstall the device but it just keeps coming back

now none of this seems to be causing a problem
and all of my devices work when plugged in
but its an annoyance to have the new hardware and unknown device balloon tip pop up
i know i could disable those but clearly there is something wrong and id like to get to the bottom of it rather than just hide it

the very first time that it happened was right after i unplugged a storage device from the front of my case (rather violently)
at first i thought maybe i damaged the pins when i pulled it out
but the device was plugged into the front of my case and i disconnected those usb headers from the motherboard and still got the unknow device problems

mobo = xfx 680i lt sli
os = xp pro sp2
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  1. hey it seems i'm having a similar issue. My Front panel USB ports will stopped working.

    i'm running ABIT AB9 QUAD GT, I've done all the steps on the net on removing USB devices, reinstalling chipset driver, upgrade latest bios and etc. Just short of a repair install, now i'm not even sure if that will solve my problem after seeing your post.

    Its been few months for you, what was your resolution?
  2. Having somewhat the same problem with some exceptions. I'm sure it is the cause of a cell phone, the HTC Touch. Connected it to the computer, and pulled it out of USB port without stopping the USB services first, the computer then thought it was still connected, and everytime I plugged it in, and disconnected this way, the computer added addition resources to the USB. Causing it to slow horribly, and I couldn't figure out what was causing this blemish on performance. Now, I have tried to stop the services separate, which they do, however they are always restarted up again when I do a complete restart.

    Any Answers would be GREAT.

    Custom Build:
    Vista 32 bit, SP1
    ASUS P5n32
    4GB RAM
    650gb HD
    ATI Radeon HD4850 512mb gddr5
  3. I've been having the same problem: Popup in taskbar saying Unknown USB device every few minutes. To make it worse, the whole computer would hang every day or so - there'd be no VGA output at all (as if monitor not connected) and no network response from my other computers (eg. remote desktop) - it was on, but dead.

    All of my USB devices work too. I unplugged everything and then took a USB HDD and checked every USB port. I found one that wouldn't mount the disk at all, and it's pair (plugged into the same header on the mobo) would mount the disk but then lose it a minute later. Fortunately this was a front-panel USB port, so I unplugged it from the motherboard. I have had no popups since, and the computer has not hung.

    Fingers crossed.
  4. I am having the same issue. It came from a microsoft mouse plugged into a USB slot. Has anyone figured out how to make my computer realize it does not have a USB device connected currently?
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