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OCing E8500 slightly, need help with cooler

Last response: in Overclocking
July 21, 2008 11:30:02 AM

Hi All,

I am planning to purchase an E8500 to overclock to 3.6 GHz using the 9x multiplier and 400 MHz (if there is a better calculation in your opinion, let me know, I'm kind of a nub at OCing). There is only one problem... Due to the nature of my case's fan layout, my Heatsink/Fan can't exceed 120mm by very much if at all in "Heatsink Height", or how much it "pops out" from the motherboard. The best one I have found so far in this size is the Ninja Mini, but it is about a year old in reviews.

Will the Scythe Ninja Mini work well enough to safely OC at 3.6 GHz E8500? I have heard many people can get this setting without touching the default voltage much, if at all. Does anyone think Stock Cooling would be better? Also do you think the ASUS P5Q-Pro will provide enough clearance for RAM using the Scythe Ninja Mini?

Does anyone know a better HS/F solution in this size limit?

A link to the Mini:

Link to Mobo:

Link to Processor:

Link to some test results, it seemed to keep up with the Thermalright Ultra-120 pretty well.

I really only plan to OC this chip mildly, 3.6 GHz is fast enough for me (a jump from 3.16GHz stock on E8500), and in many cases I have seen on the net the default voltage works with a ~450 MHz+ OC.

Also who thinks stock cooling would work? I don't mind fan noise at all, so is there a way to keep the fan at 100% all the time and just keep stock cooling if I won't be increasing voltage much/at all and if I can safely 24/7 using this OC with stock cooling?

I would be using Arctic Silver 5 in any instance, so I suppose that would improve over stock in the first place right?
July 21, 2008 4:45:43 PM

Try looking into TR Ultima-90 (not Ultra-90). But be careful to make sure it would fit the mobo - don't know. Doesn't fit Rampage with stock brackets - need the Ultra-120 bolt through kit and scissor bracket.
July 22, 2008 2:12:40 AM

Thanks for that suggestion, I'll have to compare dimensions (it's slightly bigger, but it might do). I know the TRs are overall the best, I didn't know they made a slightly compact model XD lol.

Would anyone here thinks I should run the stock HSF if I'm only OCing to 3.6? Low voltage changes, if any. I know the Ninja Mini isn't an extreme HSF, but I was wondering if it would be a waste. (has anyone had success with the C2D stock cooler with low OCs? I would still be using AS5 which *kind of* helps)
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July 22, 2008 3:24:01 AM

I have very little heat difference on my E8400 @3.6.

As long as your CPU cooler exceeds stock cooling and you use good TIM applied correctly, you won't have any problems.

Use the program RealTemp to OC, as it will give the most accurate results on a 45nm CPU.
July 22, 2008 5:15:12 AM

I just did some adjustments to my case. I now have a whopping 140mm+ of clearance for a HSF (I would prefer to stay around 135).

I had to do some case modding, the one I bought was a cheapy but has a 9 inch fan on the side, lol (I even tested it, and the fan is amazingly quiet, its because the fan is low RPM, but still has a flow rating of over 100, which is great considering the case was a mid ATX for 40 bucks + shipping). It was propped up about 10mm inside, so I just clipped the props off, and it spins fine still with me saving a great deal of room :D 
July 22, 2008 5:17:14 AM

Looks like both the affordable AC Freezer 7 Pro and the Ultima-90 fit now :D 

All I have to do now is choose between them :S lol
July 22, 2008 5:20:16 AM

I'm probably going to go with the F7 Pro, great room, and the reviews say they can run slight OCs very comfortably. The Ultima-90 would probably be overkill for me.
August 5, 2008 9:21:07 PM

if your going to use that multiplier and fsb i suggest you buy the E8400 tbh , will net you the same results and its multiplier is already 9x , whereas the E8500 is 9.5x afaik. save yourself a bit of cash

p.s my 8400 is at 3.6ghz on stock voltage with a thermalright 128se and the temps didnt change much from stock timing :)