Big Problem With Burning DVDs, Help Please

Help Please

When i Burn a Home made vedio from Pinniacle Studio 10.5, then i play it on the dvd player 1/4 way through the vedio, it frezzes up, and then theres diffrent colour blocks everywhere on the screen.

So first it frezzes and then diffrent colour blocks fill the screen slowly.

Please give advice.

I have a HP DVD Writer 740b.

The Program Iam using is Pinniacle Studio 10.5 Titanium Edition.

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  1. What speed are you using to burn? I always burn at 4x or less so that I don't get any playback errors. You can also try a different burning program. I bought an HP burner as well, and the sonic software that came with it would burn a CD ok, but DVDs would crash as soon as it tried to burn. Never had any issues with Nero.
  2. Ok, this is more of a personal rant but it does apply towards Pinnacle studio 10... so here goes

    I personally spent 3 months trying to use Pinnacle studio 10. It was by far - the worst software experience I have ever, ever had. That includes virus and virus removal.

    Everything was broke when they published 10. after hours and hours of tech support, emails, patches, and upgrades I broke down and bought sony vegas platinum. (adobe premier isn't bad either)

    ---note, the above rant doesn't mean that sony or adobe have better interfaces but at least the audio and video remain in sync after editing and their programs work.

    One of the many things that I tried was to write the dvd files to a 2nd hard drive, then use nero to burn the image. For some reason, my dvd's would fail in stand alone players using Pinacle after about 30 min if I used the direct burn option.

    Well, that probably gets the point across. Sorry to say, you may have blown 80 bucks on this program but hopefully you won't waste as much time and money as i did.
  3. Ill try Adobe premier.

    Thanks for advice.
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