buying Gigabyte 8800GT Zalman HELP**

Ok iv just seen this card on t'internet and really want to get it because is comes with 700mhz clock speed and the zalman gpu cooler, and is a good price. I have a few reservations though.,-Retail_6037.html

1. Gigabytes website is shocking and i cant find ANY information about their warrenty, which i find awful. Please someone direct me to it if they can, maybe i just overlooked it.

2. The site has no real data about the card whatsoever, and also claims a v1.0 of the same card but doesnt say what makes it different.

Does anyone know if they offer decent warrenty or if their cards are good? The website suggests they wont offer any support, and the shops generally dont offer much. I want to buy it tonight really.
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  1. sorry to bump lol, but i want to buy one tomorrow morning a sometime (im in uk) and would like a few opinions before i do. So has anyone used gigabyte before and know of this product or about their warranty?

    thanks, tom
  2. Yeah... I wouldn't call Gigabyte anything special but they've been putting Zalman fans on there cards for quite some time. I have a Gigabyte 7950GT and its pretty solid and hasn't given me any problems yet.
  3. well i ordered one, looks like a great deal. I have atleast 1 year warranty off reseller. Im so surprised tey dont put anything on the uk site :/

    £169 - with 700mhz and zalman cooler!!!!!!! Proper deal :P

    Should get it tomorrow.
  4. If you do have to ship back for service at any point, I hope they are quicker on service on your side of the pond than they are on mine. I had a 7950GX2 that went belly up I got an RMA on. (only took 2 days for them to issue the RMA) But they have had the card for almost 3 weeks now and not a peep out of them.
  5. I am considering getting this card at well... but I've run into a little snag. The 8800GT were running hot, because the BIOS wasn't turning the fan on high until in was melting... like 80C or something.

    Now the other manufacturers have updated the BIOS on the graphics card so the fan starts cooler more, sooner. But I've read that GIGABYTE has NOT done this.

    I've checked their website and it doesn't seem like there are any updates for the 8800GT.

    Can anyone provide anymore information on this situation, and if I've got my facts straight?
  6. The bios updates were for the stock reference coolers.
    Gigabyte has a Zalman V700 (or whatever it is) so would it need it? Don't know.
  7. I've heard that the Gigabyte runs around 45-55c with the Zalman fan.
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