can't overclock the E2220!!


I have a EP35-DS3L mobo which I flashed to the newest bios so that it can hold voltages no problem.I am trying to overclock my intel e2220 now but whenever I increase the FSB (with voltages set to auto or manual),the pc won't start! :S
The only thing I know how to do to solve this problem is to change the memory multiplier which I frankly dont know its meaning!!and the problem is that when i change it and overclock,the pc is a LOT SLOWER.I heard ram timings can have something to do with that but i pressed control and F1 but didnt know which settings should I change in the bios.I have a 6400 800 MHZ ram in case you need to know that.

Thanks for all your help.
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  1. You need to place the memory divider at 2.0 I think, on GB boards, for sync mode. That will make the RAM speed equal to double the front side bus speed. So your 800 Mhz RAM will last all the way up to 400+ FSB.

    Make sure you manually enter the voltage for the RAM. It starts at 1.8 so +.2 would be 2.0 volts, etc.

    Good luck!

  2. Maybe your trying to much on the FSB. Some people get confused and try 1333 where as 1333 is really 333 x 4. If your setting it over 300 you will need more voltage.
  3. Thanks for your help !!!!It worked without slowing the pc down :D But now after i overclocked, my cpu tempreture never goes above 63 C when stressed.
    Is that good given that when I dont overclock it,it reaches 59 C when stressed.
    roadrunner 197069,my FSB is only 234 since this cpu has a 12 x multiplier but I think its a bad overclocker because going to 250 FSB needs more voltage Or maybe Intel has screwed us up !! coz this cpu is exactly the same as e2200 e2180 e2160.
  4. It is very much possible that it is the same as the others. That is usually what differentiates between them, nothing more than the speed they are set at.

    But sometimes they are not. Hard to tell at times.

    best way to test the quality of the chip is to check Core temp, or Real Temp for the VID. Manually set the VID as the core voltage in the Bios, and then over clock till it fails. Obviously if you get 800 extra Mhz and more stable, its a good chip!

    Prolly get 400 Mhz like most, or a bit more.

    What helped??

    And yes, its good! What is your cooler? Most stick with 65c as the max. So OC away! Though that is an older CPU. I haven't personally used one before.

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