Random crash of some sort?

Alright, my internet connection was working on my main computer for about 1 hour. An hour later i come back and it won't connect... I restart the computer.... still won't connect.... Unplug the router.... not working still... This is a different set up than i'm used to. I'm at my cousins house and i'm trying to help them. They have a thumbdrive looking device by netgear to connect wirelessly and i believe a modem. I know the network is wireless because 2 laptops still get internet from the same connection. How can i fix the main computers connection? Also, how can i retrieve the password so that other computers can connect the the network since it is a secured one?
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  1. your best and easiest option to get the security code is to connect to the router with a cable, open the interface and have a look in the wireless security section.
    (if you cant see it because its asterisk'd out, make a new, easy to remember code eg 11223344aa, it doesnt need to be flashy)

    the thumb drives a usb wireless card, and personally i hate them, check netgears website for any newer drivers for the device.

    any chance you can grab a 15quid pci wifi card and install it for them?

    when you say it wont connect, when you click on show all available networks does it return anything? does it allow you to select the network then fail to connect? does it give you an ip error? if you take the usb drive and plug it into one of the laptops does it work? how strong a signal does it give compared to the internal card installed into the laptop?
  2. Addict, by getting the security code to connect to the router with a cable, how do you suppose i do this? i'm sorry to seem like a moron. Also, i asked my friend how to do it and he suggested opening a command prompt and typing in "ipconfig" and finding some address beggining with 192.168.whatever.whatever. I tried that and it worked, but it asked me for a username and password. IN an utter attempt doomed to failure i tried admin admin. Didn't work. Was this what you were saying on how to access the interface?

    Would the drivers being out of date be the reason for it not connecting?

    for the chance i could grab that card is quite slim. YOu see i'm only 14 and can't make any money to buy one and i just happen to know this much more about computers than the family (as you can see isn't saying much since i am not good in networking).

    When i do click on the show all available networks it does show that i am connected, the problem is i can't connect to my games i cannot connect to anything. No webpages nothing. When i click repair it says it couldn't get solutions for the repair because it couldn't connect with the DNS. The signal is about the same as the signal on the laptop a bit stronger. If you need something exact i can try providing you with it.

    I will ahve to try the USB Network Adapter into a laptop and check if that works. Seems like a reasonable suggestion.
  3. try checking the box the router came in, they usually include an ethernet cable which would be suitable for connecting the router to your machine, also if your friends got it directly from the isp it may be written either on the router itself or in the accompanying installation cd. they must have gotten it from somewhere when they first connected all their machines.

    if you can reply with the exact make/model of the router im pretty sure the default username and password are on the net somewhere.

    uptodate drivers would hopefully improve the situation as hopefully these issues might be resolved with the latest release.

    well at least you can add it to your experience for next time.

    ok, remember that ipconfig /all you did earlier? do you know how to set a manual ip on a connection? if the router ip is then set the machine ip to, the subnet to, the gateway to and the dns server to

    obviously change this as needed if the router address is slightly different.
  4. As far as the user name and password are concerned, try any combination of these, depending which brand of router you are using.

    User: admin
    password: password

    User: (blank)
    password: password

    User: (blank)
    password: admin

    User: admin
    password: (blank)
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