Windows XP and SATA II Harddrive installation

Hello , im wondering how i can install my SATA II harddrive , ive read that many people have trouble doing this. would Slip streaming SP2 update solve this problem?
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  1. Problem can be solved. I am providing you with a couple of links that will solve your queries.

    1)In order to understand the procedure as to how you should install harddrive SATA2 click here.

    2)To solve the problem using slipstreaming SP2 click here.
  2. Listen carefully: If your SATA controller is built into the chipset, and set to IDE mode in BIOS, XP will install just as it would on an IDE drive. No extra steps needed.

    Nearly all newer drives have a capacity that exceeds the limit of Windows XP prior to SP1. You can follow someone else's info on slipstreaming SP2 if your XP CD isn't SP1 or SP2. This has nothing to do with SATA.
  3. o ok , so crashman if i set my HD to IDE MODE in BIOS will i get the advantage of SATA 3.0gbs? i heard this cuts performance in half
  4. It can't possibly cut performance in half for a few reasons, first that it doesn't drop the trasfer rate and second because even if it did your drive isn't really faster than the old ATA133 standard anyway.
  5. The easiest way to slipstream SP1 and SP2 is to use a freebie utility called Autostreamer. To use it, the only other thing you need is the IT version of SP2 - the 271 MB one.
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