Windows xp pro freezes at desktop screen

I have 2 different xp pro machines that freeze at the desktop screen with no icons, I can open task manager and see processes running. I open msconfig and can reboot to diagnostic mode. I cannot boot to safe mode, it does the same thing, you get the safe modem graphics at the top and the corners. any help is appreciated
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  1. point at the desktop
    right click
    left click on: arrange icons by
    check the box that says: Show Desktop Icons
    now try a restart.

    open task manager: control alt delete
    left click file
    left click new task run
    left click browse
    Look in: Local disk C
    left click documents and settings
    left click administrator
    left click start menu
    left click programs
    left click internet explorer
    left click OK in create new task window
    now the internet should be running?
    in the search window type: malware bytes
    connect and download free version malware bytes The original
    look closely in the search for malware bytes the original
    you will need to enter name and e mail before the download
    click complete registration
    use the browser to open your e mail
    click the malware bytes link in the e mail
    now click run
    If possible, install and run scan of entire computer
    follow directions to quarantine or delete malware

    This reminds me of the iexploit virus.

    restart, any luck?

    What make and model computer?
  2. That's an OK work around but still doesn't solve the problem.
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