Power supply will not turn on, thinking PS, please help

Ill just tell you what happened. I got home from class needing to get on the net but it wasnt working, a roomate had accidentally unplugged it so I plugged it back in. It still wouldnt connect so I restarted, however the screen stayed black. I opened up the case and found that my grafix card was super hot and the fan wasnt running so I took it apart and oiled up the bearing. I figured that dust had soaked up all the oil and jammed it up. After the oiling it spun fine. I put it back in and turned it on but the monitor stayed black, then I remembered that I didnt even plug the card back in which I have done before with no resulting problems. So I tried to turn off the computer so I could plug the card back in but it wouldnt turn off so I reached around and turned off the power supply using the switch. After I plugged it in and tried to turn the computer back on nothing happened except for the LED on the case flickered the next two times I tried turning it on. Now it does nothing. I didnt smell anything burning, the capacitors on the mobo look fine, power supply switch was in the right position and the outlet and power strip are fine. All I can think of is that the power supply is messed up.

I bought the power supply last march so its not even a year old. It is an FSP Group 400 watt.

What do you fellas think?
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  1. BIOS auto detected the onboard VGA connector and used that instead of the graphics card.
  2. Try another PSU and if that's it, RMA the other one if it's only a year old, should be under warranty. If it's not the PSU, check the RAM but sound like the RMA. Recently had to RMA a new Antec PUS so it's always possible it's a bad one
  3. If you remove the video card again, does system power up? Should beep error for no video, unless your motherboard also has onboard video, and you can connect monitor to that. If it does power up, video card got roasted when fan jammed. If still doesn't power up, try another PSU.

  4. Thanks, whats RMA?
  5. hrdt0kil said:
    Thanks, whats RMA?

    RMA is Return Merchandise Authorization. When ever you send a part back for repair/replacement you have to get an RMA number. The mfg website will tell you what you have to do ro get it. Just an acronym meaning to send something back under warranty
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