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I installed the Zalman 9700 LED a few days ago, and they were somewhat high, low 40s idle. I was wondering why it was that high. When I was installing it for the first time, about 5-7 fins got bent because of the PSU wires were up against it, and another couple of fins got bent also because of the wires. I bent back the fins so they don't touch each other. I used to S clip to mount it, but I had to bend it a bit so I could actually screw it on. http://zalman.co.kr/ENG/product/Product_Read.asp?idx=164 I saw that installation video of it, and you can see they put thermal paste all over the CPU and most of the heatsink. I thought that was too much, so I only added thermal paste over the center of the CPU and not the heatsink. Was I supposed to add as much as shown in the installation video, should I try to re-mount the heatsink to see if I can make it fit tighter? Any other ideas I can maybe try to lower the CPU temperature?
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  1. Things to check, in order of importance:
    - what's your cpu? If you running a 65nm Extreme series Intel processor, I would say you're OK. If your cpu is e8400 and the temperature in your office is around 20C (I am Brazilian, I use metric system, so do the conversion to the bizarre Farenheit scale), I would say you may have something wrong.
    - on thermal paste use, you should only use an amount enough to cover completely the cpu, till you can't read anymore what's written on it. Because thermal paste is a worse thermal conductor than pure cooper, you would be reducing your performance if you use to much paste. Check www.Koolance.com on how to apply the thermal paste.
    - what's your case? Does it have proper airflow? Does your Zalman have it's exaustion flow pointed towards an exit fan?
    - temperature in your office.
    - cable management. I suspect we have an issue here as you said cables have bent some fins. Use some inexpensive zip ties and keep cables under control.
    - do you have any other massive sources of heat, like two Ultras in Sli or something like it?
    That's it. Hope it was helpful.
  2. - I'm running a Q6600, and haven't overclocked yet.
    - If you saw the Zalman installation video, they put thermal paste all over the CPU and most of the heatsink, but I only applied it on the the center on the CPU
    - I have a Raidmax Smilodon Case. Comes with 3 fans, and I added a HD fan. Yes, the Zalman fan is exhaust, and is blowing to the rear fans and out of the case.
    - Well it's summer now and since I live in America, it's around 90F (around 32C).
    - Yeah, I tied up my cables, so it's not a problem anymore
    - Not running SLI yet.

    Thank you for your input
  3. Do you have the B3 stepping or the G0? If your in door temps are 32C then 40C idle is correct. Also is the fan running at max?
  4. u might want to put more on the cpu. i mean, this is quad. n the chips are not only at the center.

    i idle around 40c as well full load at 60c. with overclock to 3Ghz.
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