Gigabyte GC-RAMDISK - PCI - anyone heard of it?

I saw this as a new release on Gigabyte's website:

Looks pretty cool other than the fact it uses DDR and not DDR2.
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  1. A software solution is available and less expensive.
  2. What's the software solution? I can't see how it would be cheaper if you are maxed out on RAM, there are people out there running 8GB of RAM already and need a dedicated RAM drive.
  3. This is the software solution:
  4. Evongugg - Correct me if I'm wrong on this, but it looks like RAMDisk 9 won't increase the amount of RAM you can have installed in your system (still based on OS limits).

    For example: I have 8 Gig of DDR RAM in two 32-bit systems. I decide to upgrade one system to DDR2 and consolidate all 8 Gig of DDR RAM into the other system.

    The Gigabyte hardware solution allows me to keep 4 Gig of system memory and a 4 Gig RAM Disk. The RAMDisk 9 solution is still limited by the OS RAM limitation, so even though I have 8 Gig of RAM installed, the OS (and RAMDisk 9) will only see 4 Gig and I can only make a RAM disk from the available 4 Gig.

    Is this correct?

    -Wolf queries
  5. Yes, RAMDisk borrows from sytem memory. iRam holds the hard disk in memory. The inconveneince is it's using slow memory DDR. The iRam replaces your hard disk. It will be faster than your hard disk though.
    You have to factor in the difference in cost between a hard disk and the iRam.
  6. GC-RAMDISK also comes with battery backup.

    So it acctually works like a real Hardrive, your write files to it and after a reboot the files are still there.

    I would guess you can keep the power off up to 2 weeks and the files will still be there.

    With DDR being twice as expensive as DDR2, that is the bumer with Gigabytes product.
    Back to the drawing board and make a updated version.
  7. I just want to say to you is that even with the fact that the chip only handle ddr and not ddr 2 that 2700 ddr floods that sata 2 as far as it stands so when sata 3 becomes a producible product for cheap then the card will go to ddr 2. with that area. the parts that suck for this card is that fact that it only has up to 4 gig of data that you can store on it just enough for a os so you would have to raid 2+ cards together to have an ultra fast hard drive big enough for an os and mount an iso image, the fun part of that is as of right now with 4 cards raided together seen and one hard drive on a computer you are waiting on the bus trans fer of your processor to load a game. this means that instead of lag or loading a zone from a dvd disk to play a section you will have nearly instant loading for the system. Or if you want to see it as converting several avi's to a dvd you will cut your processing time from what can take a half hour or more to just a few min. all this card does is mimic the solid state drives instead of flash ram they are using ram with a battery back up as flash ram
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