Where to find DVD+R DL 16x media?

I can't find any DVD+R DL 16x media anywhere. It seems that the fastest I can find are some 10x media at newegg. Anyone know where I can find any faster media? Thanks!
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  1. Afraid neither of those is dual layer like he asked for, I couldn't find any fast ones when I looked in the UK.


    That is dual layer but dvd-r and not sure about the speed as the description says 16x but the images say 8x. Seems people just don't want them that fast. Maybe get a blu-ray burner if you're wanting larger capacity discs.
  2. my bad , thats what i get for trying to answer a question half asleep
  3. Thanks! I don't know why I didn't think of Amazon...
  4. www.elmejor.com.tw, we buy from this company with good quality.
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