Resolution for a 22inch TFT monitor

I'm thinking about buying a 22" TFT monitor and all those I've looked at have a native resolution of 1680*1050.

However the manual for my basic nVidia Geforce Sparkle 8400GS graphics card (with latest drivers) lists loads of different resolutions right up to 2048*1536 but not 1680*1050 - the nearest is 1600*900 or 1600*1200.

Now I'm not sure what to do. Can someone explain to me if it is possible to use a 22" monitor with that card please?

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  1. If its for games you will need a newer video card. A 8400GS cannot handle games very well even at low resolutions. You can create your own resolutions in the nvidia control panel. I use the classic display mode and it under "Manage custom resolutions". Should be a similar option in the new display mode.
  2. Yes, its just the manufacturer was too lazy to include 1680x1050 in the manual. The card can push that resolution easily (as long as you dont game ;) )

    in fact, you can run any resolution you want via the custom menu
  3. I'm sure the 8400 can run older games at that res. newer ones if you tone the res down.

    Yes your card supports that resolution. It'll be fine.
  4. Thanks for the replies.

    I'm not a gamer so there's no problems with the 8400.

    I decided to go ahead and get a 22" but I came across a good deal on a 24" HP w2408h. Not being able to resist it the cash was splashed.

    ...and it is great!
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