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My girlfriend just got RCN cable internet and a netgear wireless router. Her roommates pc works fine with the wireless but she is constantly losing and regaining connection. It seems weird though becuase she never has a signal thats below "good"

it pretty much gets a connection for a couple minutes, then loses it for a minute or so, then gets it back- over and over and over

She has a toshiba laptop with a built in wireless card, win xp, and the network is pasword protected
(her roommates laptop might have vista, i dont remember... def windows though)
sorry i dont have more info for the router

she is a bit further away, a couple walls to pass through... could that really be enough to cause this problem?
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  1. If connection keeps dropping, check for any interferences.

    Microwaves, Speakers near the router / receive / repeater, some wireless phones, anything that transmits radio waves in the path between her and the router.

    Other than that, check drivers and firmware and go from there.
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