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I have found wireless routers from 29.99 to 169.99 if i just want link a future laptop(don't have on yet) and my sons Xbox live and dont want any unatherize users of my wirless how do I choose one what do I look for?
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  1. the extra cost buys you wireless speed, more leds on the front, a nicer looking box? some even have displays which show you how much of the connection cacpacity you're currently using and what the weathers like on the moon.

    my personal choice is belkin, a lotta people dont like them because they dont handle stress well (see lots of torrents going at the same time), however i find the interface nice, clean and simple, and for normal use like you're asking about they're fine.

    so, lets move onto wireless speed, the most common ones you're going to see are b g and n, if your thinking of streaming films from your laptop to your xbox then you really want at least g, if your streaming hd movies them you will probably want n.

    most of all, read the reviews of the ones you are looking at, either type the model into google or just have a look on amazon or another big site for other peoples experiences of that particular model.

    you dont mention whether you need it to include a modem, or to just provide a wireless link from your existing modem.

    im sure someone else will post suggestions, and if you want to please post links to the models you currently considering...
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