Gateway FHD2400 - minireview

(note to self, section named Graphic and Displays, no display section... dumb)

Here is my mini review for Gateway's newest 24in LCD. (warning, very basic info, please contribute).

The menu system has been redesigned and is much more user friendly. For those who have used older models with the gateway touch control system, you can now select the input without having an input active.

Fit and finish is very nice. Everything is sturdy, and no cheap plastic feel to it.

I connected my Xbox (not 360) though component input 1080i and it was fantastic. Color, brightness, contrast, all is what you would expect for $550 worth of electronics, and is quite amazing. I did end up using Gateway's EZTune software to fine tune everything, but did not make a real big difference in my eyes.

PIP features are great, and a big seller for me as I multi task.

I did not have any software problems, or menu problems. Everything was fast and responsive.


The biggest problem with the display is BLB or Back light bleeding. I have gone though 2 displays so far, both with amazing BLB. The first one bled from all edges, up to 4 inches inward, ruining any dark image, movie, game... that I tried. The second has no bleeding from the edges, but has various length seepage in the middle of the display.

Will exchange for a 3rd monitor this weekend.

It seems to be a big problem, following threads around the web, so maybe 3rds the charm?


Fantastic monitor in my opinion (once the BLB is fixed). I might go with a Dell 24in 2407WFP-HC which is on sale for ~$600, if I can not resolve the BLB.
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  1. Yeah I hate light bleeding.

    There's a centre strip in my laptop about 2 inches long and while it's not noticeable in most situations seeing it at startup means I almost look for it in movies and such.

    Good luck on #3.
  2. Update:

    Blacklight bleeding is still a big issue. I am on my 3rd (soon to be 4th) monitor.

    3rd monitor has significant amount of stuck pixels. Not able to unstick them.

    Good news: HDMI/Component has no input lag! Able to play Guitar Hero without adjustment which is really nice.

    For the price $500, I will keep trying until I get a monitor without problems. None compare to the features of this one, except Dell's HC monitor, which suffers from ghosting at this time (new rev needed).

    I recommend this monitor, but be prepared to exchange it.
  3. I got this monitor earlier today but returned it cause the color was kinda dark to see. even after I set the brightness and contrast all the way up and also the gamma all the way up. Maybe I got a bad one? what do u guys think?
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