Can someone please tell me how far they've taken an E8400???

i mean Overclocking btw
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  1. Ohhhhhhhhhh! I was going to say I took mine from the store to my house 10 miles away. But that's obviously not what you're looking for is it?
  2. air or dry ice?
  3. I heard that one site pushed it 4.4GHz on air. Now dry ice will probably go near 6GHz if not past it. Imagine that.
  4. So far we got 4.2 on water.

    We may get more when we start tweaking the NB. I'm not sure if its the CPU or the high FSB on the northbridge that's stopping us. CPU load temps are around 60c during Orthos. CPU is running 1.45 volts.

    The early results others are getting seem to indicate that the engineering samples were perhaps cherry picks, to a degree. I'd be a little surprised to see 4.4 routinely hit on air. I'm guessing 3.8 to 4 will be more of a norm.
  5. I got mine to 5.8ghz on liquid nitrogen. Not really usable for gaming though.
  6. ok, thnx
  7. I got to second base with an E8400
  8. LMAO TC.
  9. Only second base TC? My Q6600 let me go all the way... wait...
  10. jimmysmitty said:
    Only second base TC? My Q6600 let me go all the way... wait...

    Its mean to take advantage of a quad'
  11. I have reached my target of 4.5GHz 500FSB 1:1 w/ RAM last night. I had to crank the voltage up somewhat high(1.4375V) and it causes the temps to be unreasonably high (65C+) to keep it there. The system remains quite stable playing Oblivion, Counter Strike Source and benchmarks, but under Orthos Prime SP2004 it cannot even pass a minute of small FFT testing on both cores. I will probably back it down to 4.25 and keep it there.

    I got it there w/ the following:
    PCPower&Cooling Silencer 610
    MSI P35 Neo2-FR
    Mushkin PC6400 996533 rated 2T(set to 2T @ 1000)
    Thermalright Ultra 120 Extreme w/ S-Flex 63CFM fan

  12. TechnologyCoordinator said:
    I got to second base with an E8400

    Take that naughty Wolfdale to home plate....Make sure to bring lots of thermal grease...grrrr...
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