EP35-DS3R - not able to resume from sleep/suspend - HELP!

Hi, first time poster here, hoping some people can help me troubleshoot.

Just replaced my P5WDH with the EP35-DS3R. I reformatted my drive with a fresh xp sp2 install, and did NOT install the DES software. I'm not even dealing with the DES software for now, as i am not able to suspend my pc for an extended (as in 5-6 hours) period of time, and this is feature is important to me. when i resume from the standby, it seems to be okay, then as soon as i start surfing the web, bam it the entire system powers off completely. i tried resuming from standby from about 30 minutes of sleep, and it worked okay that time. I am really confused and have no idea what component could be causing the issue. i am running on stock speeds with everything, and the only manual voltage i have is my ram at 2.1V now (it was auto before) just because i thought with suspending this might make a difference ( it didn't.)

i powered off my power supply for 5 min then turned everything back on. I went into the BIOS and tried to see if there was anything under power management that could be causing an issue, i noticed that HPET was on, as it's enabled by default, and since xp doesn't support it, i set it to disable, and then booted into windows again. this time i ran prime95 and stressed it as i was outside shoveling my driveway came back and everything seemed to be okay, but again if i leave it in suspend for more than a few hours when i resume, the thing just powers off completely....

so it may either be that option in the bios acting funny, or maybe some weird thing going on with my power supply, but my power supply has never failed me in the past, and would suspend my p5wdh with no issues at all. as i left for work im going to put it into suspend and see what happens... this is very odd and i've never seen something like this before. has anyone else experienced anything similar to this? I need help on what to do next!
this is my first gigabyte board coming from the painless p5wdh, dfi lanparty ut 939 before that and a7n8x before that... im not having a good time so far

on a side note, i am able to get a stable mild overclock of 400x9 = 3600mhz with prime stable for a bit.

any suspend/standby experts here? what else should i be doing

Thanks here are my specs

Gigabyte GA-EP35-DS3R w/ F2 bios
2x2gb G.Skill PC1000
Seasonic S12 550WPSU
Raptor 160 sata1 - boot
seagate 7200.10 sata2
wd 750gb sata3
IDE HD w/ dvd drive as slave on IDE connectors
XP Pro SP2
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  1. It seems to me that the only odd things are your memory settings, why should you change the voltage? Try to run on default setting if that's making any differences.

    I'm personally not the fan of suspending :) Better turn off and turn it on again, it's power saving and not that time consuming.
  2. Did you have this problem at stock speeds?
  3. On some memory sticks, manufacturers sometime make their std settings not correct, but with the g.skill that i have it seems they are fine, i just upped the voltage just to see if it would do anything, it didn't. they are rated for ddr2-1000 but im running it at 800 right now with default timings.

    i had this problem at stock speeds, so i think this problem may be independent of the overclocking capabilities of the board and cpu.
    im running on all stock settings again.
  4. well service pack 1 is coming out very soon for vista and one of the major fixes is supposed to be the suspend/sleep. I know that ready boost may help it as well because the files would be stored on flash memory rather than your hdd that should help with a faster wake. You may try finding a different bios. Check out what the revision notes say and see if any of them have a bug fix regarding sleep state. Other than that I am at a loss bro.
  5. oh wow, nevermind you are in service pack 2 xp. My bad. Herm, then on that note I am not sure. Have you googled it?
  6. yeah, i posted at several other sites too and no one has any idea.... if someone has this board and close to my config, can they tell me if their suspend works, and if it does, what are your bios settings?
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