Xp I find that I have folder document and setting on partition C and D. CanI del

Originally I was running Windows 98 on partition C. Then XP was installed on partition D for dual booting.When Windows 98 was found to be unnecessary it was removed from C and XP moved to C. On checking after several months of using XP without trouble,still working perfectly. I find I have two folders 'Documents and Settings", one on C, 1.25 gigs, and one on D, 4.65 gigs. Why two? and if it is possible to delete one of them, which one? Thanking you for any assistance.
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    I agree Jianmei73 is spam. He only became a member today for the ability to send spam under his membership. Is there no moderator to report this to?
  3. Unfortunately the moderators on this forum is (at best) amatourish,there's a [Report] link on the top of the message, if you use it (like I did) they delete the post to which you are complaining and post the complaint as if it was a reply to the thread...

    I reply to your question, there's no easy way of knowing for sure, at a guess I'd say the "My Documents" on C: is the old one, and the one on D: is the current one, but you'd have to look through the file (last accessed) dates to confirm that
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